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Solutions for luxury home networking.


One source for all your home networking needs. Lighting, Technology and Automation


One contact for all your home network systems. Experienced professionals at one place.


One call for answers to any questions about your entire home networking system.


LUX has partnerships with outstanding lighting manufacturers.  These manufacturers reflect the same values LUX upholds. Values like integrity, customer service and responsibility. 


Our manufacture partners provide the cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of today’s luxury home builders and designers. Our complete home technology solution includes communication & networking, environmental & lighting controls, audio & video distribution, security & surveillance, power management and home entertainment systems.


LUX Lighting, Technology & Automation extends professional lighting, technology and automation services to luxury home builders.

We are driven by customer service.

The LUX team provides the home owner complete training on the system.  This system training offers the customer confidence in using all the technology at their disposal.  LUX believes this training is essential to customer satisfaction

Let’s work together on your luxury home.

Contact us to establish your contact for all your home networking needs.